CPCS Sustainable Development Highlights 2021-2022

可持續發展亮點 CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. Sustainable Development Highlights 國泰航空飲食服務( 香港) 有限公司 2021 - 2022

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 2 About CPCS With over 50 years of experience in the airline catering industry, Cathay Pacific Catering Services (H.K) Ltd (“CPCS”) is one of the largest flight kitchens in the world. It entirely manages two companies, Deli Fresh, a food service provider, and Deli Delight, an online gourmet food retailer. CPCS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (“Cathay”). In addition to preparing authentic, mouth-watering dishes, CPCS provides logistical services in delivering food, beverages and other commissary items onto aircraft. In 2021, CPCS supplied around 1.7 million meals and handled around 14,000 flights to more than 20 global carriers, representing an average of 4,701 meals and 39 flights a day. In 2022, CPCS supplied around 4.1 million meals and handled over 16,000 flights to 58 international airlines operating out of the Hong Kong International Airport, representing an average of approximately 11,000 meals and 44 flights a day. About this Report Sustainability is at the core of CPCS business strategy, we see sustainability as vital to steer operational excellence, better utilise resources, and ensure business growth. CPCS is delighted to publish the Sustainable Development Highlights 2021-2022 (“the report”) to disclose our sustainability performance, engage with our stakeholders on sustainability topics that are material to our business, and discuss the challenges and opportunities for improvement in sustainability management. Unless otherwise specified, the report covers CPCS information between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022. The report covers only CPCS’s catering business; Deli Fresh, Deli Delight and associated international kitchens are excluded. Environmental impacts and initiatives associated with operations outside of Hong Kong are not included in the report. 關於國泰航空飲食服務 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司(「國泰航空飲 食服務」或「公司」)於航空飲食服務方面已有超過 50 年的經驗,為全球最具規模的機艙膳食供應商 之一。國泰航空飲食服務全權管理旗下兩間公司: 專營膳食服務的臻美食品有限公司,以及經營網 上美食零售的品悅網上食品專門店。國泰航空飲 食服務為國泰航空公司(「國泰」)的全資附屬公 司。除了製造地道可口的美饌外,本公司亦提供 物流服務,為客機送遞食物、飲品及各類用品。 國泰航空飲食服務於2021年生產約170萬份膳 食,處理20家航空公司約14,000班航班, 即平均每日生產4,701份膳食及處理39班航班。 而在2022年,國泰航空飲食服務生產約410萬 份膳食並處理逾16,000班航班,即平均每日 生產約11,000份膳食及處理44班航班。 關於本報告 國泰航空飲食服務視推動可持續發展為關鍵營運 策略。我們認為可持續性對於帶領卓越營運、 更好地利用資源和確保業務增長至關重要。國泰 航空飲食服務欣然發佈《可持續發展亮點20212022》(「本報告」),以披露公司的可持續發展 表現,積極與持份者就重要議題作出溝通,並討 論公司在可持續發展上面臨的挑戰和機遇,務求 在可持續發展管理方面更進一步。 除另有說明,本報告涵蓋國泰航空飲食服務在 2021年1月1日至2022年12月31日期間的資料。 本報告內容僅涵蓋公司的膳食業務;而臻美食品、 品悅及海外姊妹公司則不包括在內。本報告內容不 包括與香港境外業務有關的 環境影響及措施。

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 3 I am delighted to present the CPCS Sustainable Development Highlights 2021-2022, demonstrating our unwavering sustainability commitment and progress. With the aviation industry’s recovery from the second half of 2022, we look forward to continuing our efforts towards sustainability, while delivering the highest level of service to our customers and upholding our vision to be the most valued aviation catering partner in Asia. Together, we will build a more sustainable future for our company and the aviation industry. 我在此欣然呈上國泰航空飲食服務《可持續發展亮點2021-2022》,以展示我們堅定 不移的可持續發展承諾和相關工作進展。 隨著航空業從2022年下半年開始復蘇,我 們將繼續致力實現可持續發展,並同時為客戶提供最高水平的服務以達成亞洲區最備 受推崇航膳供應夥伴的願景。 讓我們一同努力,為公司和航空業打造一個更可持續的 未來。 Messages from the CEO and COO 行政總裁及常務總裁序言 Agatha LEE 李載欣 Chief Executive Officer 行政總裁 As flight numbers rebound and the aviation industry gradually recovers, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our people for their support during the COVID-19 pandemic, our sustainability achievements would not have been possible without their dedication. Over the past two years of challenging times, we have strived to reduce carbon emissions, waste and single-use plastics in our operations. We remain committed and will continue our efforts to make our operations more sustainable, and to raise employee awareness of sustainability. 隨著航班數量回升和航空業逐漸復蘇,我謹對同事們在新冠疫情期間給予的支持表示 誠摯的感謝。如果沒有同事們的不懈貢獻,我們無法達成現時的可持續發展成就。 在過去兩年的艱難時期,我們堅持減少營運中的碳排放、廢物和一次性塑膠。我們會 繼續致力令業務營運更加可持續,並著力提高員工的可持續發展意識。 Jacob ROEST 盧業恆 Chief Operating Officer 常務總裁 Automated Meal Cart Management System – the only one in Hong Kong, and the lifeline of CPCS that carries meal carts around our building. 自動化餐車管理系統 – 全港唯一同類型系統,是我們在大樓內部運送餐車的命脈。

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 4 As a part of the aviation industry, we recognise that our industry must decarbonise to contribute to global efforts to avert the worst effects of climate change. We have been committed to reducing carbon emissions from our operations and pledged in Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) 2050 Net Zero Carbon Pledge, to peak our carbon consumption in 2024, and progressively reduce our emissions from 2028, to meet the target of 55% absolute emission reduction in 2035 (with 2018 as the baseline year), and eventually net zero in 2050. 作為航空業的一份子,我們認同業界必須減少碳 排放,積極作出貢獻以紓緩氣候變化對地球帶來 的嚴重後果。我們一直致力減低營運所致的碳排 放,並已簽署香港國際機場2050年淨零碳排放 承諾。我們的目標是在2024年達到碳排放峰值, 並於2028年起逐步減少排放,到2035年減少 實際排放量 55%(以2018年作基準),最終在 2050年達至淨零碳排放。 Carbon Reduction 減少碳排放 Performance in 年績效亮點 2021 & 2022 tonnes CO2e 噸二氧化碳當量 CARBON EMISSIONS 碳排放量 16,683 25,743 16% 17% 2022 2021 42% 37% 4% 5% 19% 60%

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 5 We developed a carbon reduction roadmap to keep track of our decarbonisation progress and be proactive in adapting to the risks and opportunities posed by climate change to ensure our business can thrive as we transition to a low-carbon future. To reduce the gap between targets and performances, various decarbonisation strategies, such as the adoption of electric vehicles, retro-commissioning, system upgrade and equipment replacement, have been adopted. 我們制定了減碳路線圖,以監察減碳工作的進展,並積極適應氣候變化帶來的風險和機遇,以確保我們在過渡至低碳業務的過程中 能保持蓬勃發展。為了拉近與碳排放目標的差距,我們採取了各種減碳策略,例如採用電動車、重新校驗、系統升級和更換設備。 Electric power is the greatest carbon emission source of CPCS, where the refrigeration and chiller system accounts for about 50% of our electricity consumption. Thus, we actively monitor and review the system’s power usage. In 2021 - 2022, we carried out retro-commissioning works for the chillers in our Phase 1 production facility, by performing in-depth analysis of the operation data and optimising the system settings of our chillers according to the actual operational needs. 電力是國泰航空飲食服務最大的碳排放來源, 而製冷及空調機組系統約佔我們電力消耗的 50%。 因此,我們積極監察和檢視系統的電力使 用情況。 在2021至2022年,我們在一期大樓的生產設施 空調機組進行了重新校驗項目,深入分析系統運行 數據,並根據實際運作需求調整空調機組的系統 設定。 CASE STUDY 案例研究 Retro-Commissioning for Chillers 空調機組重新校驗項目

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 6 With the great success of this retro-commissioning project, we are honoured to be awarded the CLP Smart Energy Award 2022: Retrocommissioning Charter Programme - Best Performance Award. We are happy to see that this project not only helps us save energy and reduce carbon emissions without financial investment, but it is more important that it serves as a good example that showcases the benefits of chiller system retro-commissioning projects to other building operators. 憑藉是次重新校驗項目的理想成果,我們很榮幸獲 頒中電「創新節能企業大獎」2022:重新校驗約章 計劃 - 最佳表現大獎。 這個項目不僅讓我們在無 需任何投資下節省能源和減少碳排放,更重要的是 向其他樓宇管理人員展示了空調機組重新校驗項目 帶來的好處。 此項目成功提高空調系統的整體運作效能, 每年可節省近113萬度電,減少約441噸碳排放量。 The optimisation works significantly improved our entire air-conditioning system’s energy efficiency, saving around 1.13 GWh of electricity a year, equivalent to 441 tonnes of carbon emissions.

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 7 Through collaboration and innovation, we strive to reduce waste from food production as well as waste from inbound flights. Efforts have been made to minimise waste generation in the procurement, production, and operational processes. In 2021 and 2022, we started several new recycling and donation programmes, such as Coffee Capsule Recycling and Whole Fruit Donation, to reduce waste and at the same time raise stakeholders’ awareness of waste management. 透過合作和創新舉措,我們致力減少因食品生產 和入境航班所產生的廢物及資源浪費。我們儘量 避免在採購、生產和營運過程中產生廢物。在 2021年和2022年,我們展開了多項新的回收和捐 贈計劃,例如咖啡粉囊回收和完整水果捐贈,以 減少浪費,並同時提升持份者對廢物管理的意識。 Waste and Resources Management 廢物及資源管理 Performance in 年績效亮點 2021 & 2022 tonnes 噸 tonnes 噸 484 604 2022 2021 88% 74% WASTE DIVERTED 避免堆填廢物 0.1% 0.1% 4% 6% 0.3% 3% 5% 14% 2% 3%

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 8 The use of single-use plastics (SUP) in aviation catering industry has been widespread, especially during COVID-19. To achieve the ambitious target of eliminating our SUP usage by 50% of our 2018 baseline by the end of 2022, we have actively explored alternatives to replace and eliminate SUP from our operations. For example, we carried out a trial to replace moulds for jelly cups with reusable silicon ones, and plastic containers and utensils for retail shops are replaced by paper containers and wooden utensils. 一次性塑膠用品一直被航空餐飲業廣泛使用,特 別是在新冠疫情期間。為了達到在2022年底前 將一次性塑膠製品削減至 2018 年50%用量的目 標,我們積極尋求替代方案以取締營運中使用的 一次性塑膠製品。 例如,試用以可重複使用的矽 膠模具取代一次性的果凍甜品模具,和在零售點 以紙容器和木餐具取代塑膠容器和餐具。 Wooden Utensils 木餐具 (2021) 2-in-1 Hairnets 二合一髮網 (2022) (Before 更換前) (After 更換後) Cupffee Promotion 可食用咖啡杯推廣活動 (2021) Silicon Jelly Cup Trial 試用可重用矽膠果凍模具(2021) * Excluding items for new business and hygiene purposes because of COVID-19. 不包括用於與新冠疫情相關新業務和衛生防疫用一次性塑膠製品。 We surpassed our reduction target by eliminating 60%* of SUP compared to the 2018 baseline. 與 2018 年基準用量相比,我們將 一次性塑膠用量削減了 60%*, 達到了減少用量的目標。

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 9 FEATURE STORY 專題故事 How do we manage our food waste? 我們如何管理廚餘? As a large-scale flight kitchen and catering services provider, we have established a long-term relationship with two local charities, Feeding Hong Kong and Food Angel, to reduce food waste generated from our operations. Feeding Hong Kong recovers packaged food collected from inbound flights handled by us and redistributes to people with food assistance needs in Hong Kong, while Food Angel collects fresh food and bakery products to prepare meals for senior citizens in Hong Kong. 作為大型航空膳食及餐飲服務供應商,我們與 兩家本地慈善機構——樂餉社和惜食堂建立了長期 合作關係,以減少營運過程中造成的食物浪費。 樂餉社回收從我們的入境航班上收集所得的未開 封包裝食物,並重新分發給本地有食物援助需要 的人士。而惜食堂則專門收集新鮮食材和烘焙產 品,為香港的長者準備膳食。 Food Donation 食物捐贈 2021 210 tonnes 噸 2022 114 tonnes 噸

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 10 Some food generated from our operations cannot be consumed due to food safety reasons, for example, surplus cooked meals or perishable food. To make good use of such organic resources and avoid landfill disposal, we have joined the “Pilot Scheme on Food Waste Collection” launched by the Environmental Protection Department since 2021, and was awarded the appreciation certificate for participating in the scheme in 2022. All our food waste generated daily is source-separated and delivered to O · PARK1, where it is transformed into energy and compost. 基於食品安全考慮,在我們營運過程中產生的 某些廚餘無法被食用,例如剩餘熟食及容易變 壞的食物。為善用這些有機資源並避免送往堆填 區,我們自2021年起參加了環保署的「廚餘收集 先導計劃」,並於2022年獲頒發感謝證書。我們 每天產生的的廚餘都會進行源頭分類,然後被運 到有機資源回收中心O · PARK1,將其轉化為能源 和堆肥。 Food Waste to O · PARK1’s Facilities 被送往有機資源回收中心的廚餘 2021 217 tonnes 噸 2022 331 tonnes 噸

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 11 We are always exploring innovative approaches to tackle food waste and repurpose ingredients. In 2021, We launched VHHX, a sustainable craft beer that embodies the principles of Circular Economy by turning unpresentable and surplus in-flight bread rolls into high-quality, premium craft beer. 我們不斷設法以創新的方法處理廚餘及為食材尋 找新的出路。在2021年,我們推出了VHHX 手工啤酒。VHHX是一款揉合了循環經濟概念 的手工啤酒,將因外觀問題未被使用和剩餘的 麵包,變成優質的手工啤酒。 For this project, approximately 250kg of surplus bread was collected to brew 12,000 cans, equivalent to almost 4,000liters of sustainable craft beer. 這計劃以約250公斤剩餘麵包釀製出12,000罐, 即接近4,000公升可持續手工啤酒。 CASE STUDY 案例研究 Bread-to-Beer: Sustainable Craft Beer VHHX 麵包變啤酒:可持續手工啤酒VHHX

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 12 To reduce water wastage and its impact on the environment, we have ensured our water use efficiency and recycled used water. For example, we collect cooling tower bleed-off water and transfer it to the flush water system to maximise the use of water resources. Also, we have work instructions for our frontline employees to restrict the use of running water during defrosting in the cooking process, so to raise their awareness of water conservation and drive behavioural changes. 為了減少浪費水資源及對環境的影響,我們確保 用水效率並回用廢水。例如,我們收集冷卻塔 排出的水並將其輸送至沖廁水系統,以盡量善用 水資源。 此外,我們還為前線員工製定了工作 指引,限制在烹飪過程中使用自來水除霜,以提 高員工節約用水的意識並推動行為改變。 Water Conservation 節約用水 Performance in 年績效亮點 2021 & 2022 WATER COLLECTED AND TRANSFERRED TO THE FLUSH WATER SYSTEM 收集並被轉移至沖廁水系統的用水 2022 2021 9,406 m3 立方米 12,336 m3 立方米 2022 2021 178,571 m3 立方米 227,571 m3 立方米 WATER CONSUMPTION 用水量

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 13 Performance in 年績效亮點 2021 & 2022 We endeavour to increase the proportion of sustainable products in our portfolio and encourage our supply chain to become more sustainable. By adopting Cathay’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which was newly developed in 2022 and supplanted the previous Supply Chain Sustainability Code of Conduct, we take into consideration sustainability certifications, environmentally preferable products and services during supplier selection. We also fully support the Swire Pacific Sustainable Food Policy. Where possible, we provide options for sustainable food items and advocate sustainable consumption practices to our customers. For example, we source and purchase certified sustainable, traceable seafood with the aim of protecting marine ecosystems for future generations. 我們致力增加可持續產品的比例,並鼓勵供應鏈 變得更可持續。在2022年,我們採用新制定、 取代了舊有可持續供應鏈行為守則的國泰航空供應 商行為守則,在選擇供應商時會考慮可持續發展 認證、環保產品和服務。 我們亦全力支持太古集團的可持續食品政策。 我們盡可能提供符合可持續發展理念的食物產品 選項,並向客戶提倡可持續消費習慣。例如, 我們會採購經過認證的可持續、可追溯來源海 產,旨在為下一代保護海洋生態系統。 Sustainable Procurement 可持續採購 PAPER PRODUCTS 紙製品 2021 & 2022 Achieved 100% use of eco-friendly products in hygienerelated paper products and stationery paper products SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD 可持續海產 100%選用環保的衛生紙和文具紙張 Purchased 22 tonnes of sustainable seafood (40% of the total seafood purchased) Purchased 150 tonnes of sustainable seafood (70% of the total seafood purchased) 2022 2021 購入150噸可持續海產(佔海產採購量的70%) 購入22噸可持續海產(佔海產採購量的40%)

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 14 As a reputable caterer, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of food and service quality in the manufacturing and distribution of our products, to meet customer expectations and maintain the market-leading position. Our operations meet stringent aviation and international standards, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Inflight Catering Quality Assurance Programme, to ensure the safety and quality of our food. 作為一家信譽良好的膳食供應商,我們致力在產 品製造和運送過程中達至最嚴謹的食品和服務標 準,以符合客戶的期望並保持市場領導地位。 我 們的營運符合嚴格的航空和國際標準,包括危害 分析及關鍵控制點(HACCP)、ISO 9001:2015 質量管理體系和國際航空運輸協會 (IATA) 的航 空食品保障計劃,以確保我們的食物安全和質量 水平。 Product Responsibility 產品責任

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 15 Health and Safety is our top priority, and we are fully committed to providing a safe operational and working environment. All our business partners, suppliers and contractors are encouraged to share our safety goal, which is to have zero accidents or injuries. In 2021 and 2022, we were honoured to garner the “HKIA Safety Excellence Award – Merit” at the Airport Safety Recognition Scheme 2021/22, and the JAL Ramp Incident Free Commendation Certificate for the 13th and 14th consecutive years, in recognition of our continuing efforts to maintain a safe working environment and foster a culture of safety, demonstrating our commitment in Health and Safety. 健康與安全是我們的首要考慮,我們致力提供 一個安全的營運和工作環境,並鼓勵所有業務夥 伴、供應商和承辦商參照我們零意外或受傷的安 全目標。 在2021和 2022 年,我們在「機場安全 嘉許計劃2021/22」中獲頒發「香港國際機場安全 卓越大獎」優異獎,以及連續第13和14年榮獲日 本航空「停機坪零事故」嘉許狀,以表揚我們致力 保持安全的工作環境及積極推廣安全文化的努力, 體現了我們對健康與安全的承諾。 Health and Safety 健康與安全

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 16 To promote the culture of “Safety First”, we introduced the Safety Ambassador programme in 2022, empowering a batch of safety ambassadors from various departments to enhance workplace health and safety. A series of training, visits and activities have been provided to enhance the ambassadors’ safety knowledge. Other notable initiatives carried out in 2022 are the “You See, You Act” Safety Hazard Hunt, which promoted the hazard reporting culture, and the VeSafe Campaign (Vehicle Safety Campaign), which enhanced driving safety through activities including online safety quiz, behaviour check, workshop and roadshow. We also continued the Weekly Management Walk programme to make sure potential safety risks can be identified and mitigated effectively. 為推廣「安全第一」文化,我們於2022年推出 安全大使計劃,讓來自各部門的安全大使們協 助提升工作場所的健康與安全。透過一系列培 訓、參觀和活動,大使們的安全知識得以提升。 2022 年還開展了其他重點舉措,例如促進安全 危害匯報文化的「見隱患、即處理」危害搜索有 獎遊戲,以及透過問答比賽、行為視察、講座 和路演等活動來提高駕駛安全的VeSafe安全駕駛 活動。我們亦持續進行管理團隊每週安全巡查,以 確保有效識別和減輕潛在的安全風險。

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 17 Investing in human capital is critical to our success. We attract, nurture and equip our talents with the relevant skills to ensure they grow as professionals during their careers at CPCS. We maximised opportunities in people development during the COVID-19 pandemic by introducing a series of new training workshops to equip our staff with essential skills to succeed in current and future roles. Some examples of training topics are Design Thinking, Change Awareness and 5S Advanced Training. 1,801 hours 小時 投資於人力資源對我們的成功至關重要。我們 積極吸引和培育人才,為他們提供相關技能訓練, 確保他們在國泰航空飲食服務的職業生涯中不斷 成長。在新冠疫情期間,我們通過一系列新增設 的培訓工作坊加強人才發展,當中包括設計思維、 應對改變和5S進階培訓等,為員工提供必要的 技能培訓,以助他們勝任現時和未來的工作崗位。 Performance in 年績效亮點 2021 & 2022 Our People 我們的同事 TOTAL NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES 員工總數 1,113 people 人 TOTAL TRAINING HOURS 總培訓時數 6,514 hours 小時 2022 2021 2022 2021 1,026 people 人

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 Sustainable Development Highlights 2021 - 2022 I 18 Apart from developing technical knowledge and skills, we provide a workplace environment in which our people can realise their potential, making us a first-choice employer. We strive to cultivate a working environment which promotes wellness, diversity, and inclusion so that everyone has a chance to thrive. For example, we organised the “2022 Employee Wellness Week” with exercise classes and workshops to draw focus on the physical and mental health of our people. We are also committed to not having more than 65% of the same gender in senior positions by 2025 and 70% at the Board level by 2027. 除了發展技術知識和技能,我們還提供一個讓 同事能夠實現自己潛能的工作環境,令我們成為 對人才具吸引力的僱主。我們致力營造一個促進 健康、多元和包容的工作環境,讓每位員工得 以茁壯發展。例如,我們舉辦了「2022員工 健康週」,提供運動課程和工作坊予員工參加, 提升同事對身心健康的關注。此外,我們承諾 管理要職中的相同性別比例到 2025 年不超過 65%,而董事會級別的相同性別比例到 2027 年 不超過 70%。 Performance in 年績效亮點 2021 & 2022 EMPLOYEES BY GENDER SENIOR MANAGEMENT POSITIONS BY GENDER 按性別劃分的員工 按性別劃分的管理要職 2022 2022 2021 2021 MALE 男 60% MALE 男 65% 62% MALE 男 63% MALE 男 FEMALE 女 40% FEMALE 女 35% 38% FEMALE 女 37% FEMALE 女

CATHAY PACIFIC CATERING SERVICES (H.K.) LTD. 國泰航空飲食服務(香港)有限公司 可持續發展亮點 2021 - 2022 I 19 CASE STUDY 案例研究 Deli-Delight Mooncake Donation 品悅月餅捐贈 As a responsible corporate citizen of Hong Kong, we frequently look for opportunities to give back to our communities, especially around the festive holidays. To celebrate the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival, we joined hands with Mother’s Choice, St. James’ Settlement, Society for Community Organisation, and Schools of Hong Chi Association to distribute around 7,000 pieces of our own-brand Deli-Delight Mooncake to over 2,500 beneficiaries, including children in institutional homes, low-income families, and senior citizens. Being recognised as a “20 years+ Caring Company”, caring for the community is one of our core values. The impacts of COVID-19 have emphasised the responsibilities that companies such as ours can bear in creating positive change and supporting those in need. In 2021, we donated over 300,000 pre-prepared meals to spread love and support the needy in Hong Kong during the pandemic. 作為獲頒「20年Plus商界展關懷」標誌的公司,關懷社區是我們的核心價值之一。在新冠疫情的影響下,更突顯了企業在創造正面 改變和支援有需要人士方面所承擔的責任。在2021年,我們捐贈了共超過300,000份餐膳食予社會上有需要的人士,在疫情期 間向他們傳遞愛心與支持。 作為一家肩負公民責任的企業,我們積極回饋社 區,尤其希望在節日期間將祝福和喜悅傳遞到本 地社區。 為慶祝2022年中秋佳節,我們聯同 母親的抉擇、聖雅各福群會、香港社區組織協 會和匡智會學校,將自家製作的約7,000件 品悅月餅分發予超過 2,500 名受惠者,其中 包括護理機構的兒童、低收入家庭及長者。 Community 社區

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